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The blog is dead, long live the blog !

11 August 2011

Hello everyone,

The blog is dead...

This is the last post I'll do on this particular blog.

exitthekingbig.jpg After some year using Dotclear as a blog engine, I decided to move to Wordpress because of its larger community and its awesome amount of plugins.

More over, my URL with the dash (" is quite difficult to remember especially as it is in French.

Finally my friend, LG Morand, can't stop himself harassing me about my blog colors' choice (green and orange are fine for me !).

Long live the blog !

My new blog is at this adress : !

836.JPG Quite easy to remember and no more dashes !

The same subjects will be adressed on it: WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, XAML, etc.

The RSS feed is still the same, no need to update it thanks to Yahoo pipes.

This blog will be keeped here but no more articles will be posted on it.

As an addition, you can also use this adress (but why :-s ?):,,

Have a nice day !


[Announcement] : Live Meeting in French about WPF 4.0 and Multitouch.

16 January 2011

For those who are interested by WPF and Multitouch : I will animate a LiveMeeting on this subject tuesday 18 january in french.

You can subscribe to it on this page.

I hope to see you there.


News, news and news !

1 January 2011

First of all, I wish and happy new year to everyone !


It started very nice for me because I received and email from Microsoft telling me that I had been given an MVP award for 2011! I am very honored to receive it and I hope I will prove I deserve it this year !


MVPLogo_ColorDear Jonathan ANTOINE,

Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2011 Microsoft® MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. We appreciate your outstanding contributions in Client App Dev communities during the past year.

So thank you Microsoft and all the people who helped and still helps me doing it !



Second thing is that I didn’t write a lot of posts since November because I am currently working on one another great community project with a friend which is eating all my time. Be sure that You will know about it as soon as it is finished … Smile !


Finally, I will give a session during the french TechDays with Aurélien NORIE. It will – of course – be about multitouch with WPF 4.0. More information about it can be read here :



Happy new year again !


.NET Framework 4, Windows Applications Development

24 June 2010

I am now certified " .NET Framework 4, Windows Applications Development".

I passed the certification during the beta process and the results are out. I can now use this nice logo anywhere ^^ :



French WPF community

24 March 2010

Hello everybody,

No funny post since a long time now and there is a reason : I am creating a new web site in French, WPF France.

The goal is to create a french WPF community because there is not a lot of resources in French about this great technology.

If you want to join the party : mail me !

Shout it kick it on %%%


New RSS feed.

3 March 2010


If you were following my RSS/Atom feed, please change for the new one on feedBurner :



I am a WPF Technology Specialist !

25 September 2009

Today I have earned my Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: .NET Framework 3.5, Windows Presentation Foundation Applications certification !

Youpi I can't put this nice logo on my blog :-) !

Certifié WPF


Some news !

8 February 2009



Long time i didn’t post on this blog for some reasons :

  • I had a lot of projects to do for my school,
  • I have to find a place to do my training…


No it’s ok and i am back to post some entries on this blog again…


I am doing my training on WPF and Surface so I widen the scope of the blog…