Yet another blog about WPF, Surface, SL, MVVM, NUI.... - Tag - dataBinding In this blog we talk about WPF, Natural User Interface(NUI), Microsoft Surface, WIndows 7, Multitouch, Touchless, JavaFX, MVVM, patterns, tips, tricks .... and a lot of other things ! en Mon, 26 Feb 2024 15:40:43 +0100 Jonathan ANTOINE, All rights reserved Dotclear How to create your own control library (how-to + tips) urn:md5:9ed22011e4c8dd030431d70034af0342 Sun, 03 Oct 2010 23:27:00 +0200 WPF BindingContentControlcontrolscustomdataBindingDataTemplateDependencyPropertyeventsexamplehow tohow-toLibrarysampleTemplatetipstrickWindows Presentation FoundationWPFXAML <p>Reusability and factorizing are maybe the most commons things you want and use when you are developing applications. In WPF it often means creating controls library (i don’t mean UserControl) that will be easy to use in multiple applications. In this post we'll see all the step to create a control library useable in differents projects. The... <a href=""><em>Read</em> How to create your own control library (how-to + tips)</a></p> Execute a command on a specified control when clicking on a button urn:md5:d120a96b6da17f34e9dcdd2044d853d9 Wed, 16 Jun 2010 15:07:00 +0200 WPF AttachedPropertyBindingdataBindingDependencyObjectDependencyPropertyeventsexamplehow tohow-toM-V-VMMouseEventMVVMOnPropertyChangedpatternpatternssampletipstrickWindows Presentation FoundationWPFXAML <p>Today another example of the powerful ramora pattern : execute a RoutedCommand on an Control when you click on a button outside of the aimed control scope. When is it useful ? : for example when you use the infragistics grid (xamdatagrid) and you want to execute the command which remove the selected row from a button outside of the grid. You... <a href=""><em>Read</em> Execute a command on a specified control when clicking on a button</a></p> Binding to the selected items of a ListBox (or an another items controls) urn:md5:04ab1651e48f6d69d4b3c1afa893f976 Sun, 13 Jun 2010 12:03:00 +0200 WPF AttachedPropertyBindingdataBindingDependencyObjectDependencyPropertyDesign patterneventshow tohow-toListBoxM-V-VMMVVMpatternpatternssampleSelectedItemstipstrickWindows Presentation FoundationWPFXAML <p>A problem you often meet when using MVVM is to get the selected items of an items control, especially Listbox. You can easily bind the selected item or the current items but when multi selection comes in the way, it becomes harder because the SelectedItems (with an 's' property is not available to binding). In this article we will discover an... <a href=""><em>Read</em> Binding to the selected items of a ListBox (or an another items controls)</a></p> Binding on a Property which is not a DependencyProperty urn:md5:d2eadacd7db37af377f1b69c8b528bb1 Mon, 05 Apr 2010 09:03:00 +0200 WPF AttachedPropertycustomdataBindingdemoexamplehow tohow-toOnPropertyChangedpatternpatternstipstrickWPF <p>A lot of controls expose properties which are not DependencyProperties and then you can’t put a binding on it. On some other cases, you only have a getter as accessor and you can’t put a binding on it too… This is for example the case for the ribbon’s group of the office ribbon or the converter’s parameter. If you ever tried to do so, you... <a href=""><em>Read</em> Binding on a Property which is not a DependencyProperty</a></p> DependencyProperties or INotifyPropertyChanged ? urn:md5:441834c0aab7c5bc41e56298bff51219 Mon, 01 Mar 2010 12:31:00 +0100 WPF AttachedPropertydataBindingDependencyObjectDependencyPropertyeventsexamplehow toOnPropertyChangedtipstrickWPFXAML <p>When you want to make an object binding-aware you have two choices : implement INotifyPropertyChanged or create DependencyProperties. Which one is the best ? Let's try to answer this question ! How to implement INotifyPropertyChanged Declaring that your class is implementing INotifyPropertyChanged adds an PropertyChangedEventHandler that you... <a href=""><em>Read</em> DependencyProperties or INotifyPropertyChanged ?</a></p> Use AttachedProperties to add behaviors to the components (Ramora pattern) urn:md5:8d01b1ed9b0f1ce60ade839ff9d84a1d Fri, 19 Feb 2010 17:47:00 +0100 WPF AttachedPropertydataBindingDependencyPropertyDesign patternhow tohow-toM-V-VMpatternsWPFXAML <p>The problem In WPF you expect your components/controls to behave exactly as you want to.... but this not always the case. For example : why does this combobox not execute a command when I change the selection or more often why this textbox does not execute a command when I press the Enter (return) key ? This problem often occurs when you use... <a href=""><em>Read</em> Use AttachedProperties to add behaviors to the components (Ramora pattern)</a></p> Use dataBinding and DependencyProperty with a non-WPF or extern object urn:md5:4bb9a70cce949cd330b75047bcc048de Fri, 10 Apr 2009 10:52:00 +0200 WPF animationdataBindingDependencyObjectDependencyPropertyhow-toMogreOnPropertyChangedWPF <p>Today we are going to learn how we can uses the powerful data binding of WPF even on non-WPF objects. The problem: when to use this solution ? Sometimes you need to use the databinding with an object that you have not created and you can't use inheritance. For example I wanted to use a Mogre Camera and build some WPF animation with it and I... <a href=""><em>Read</em> Use dataBinding and DependencyProperty with a non-WPF or extern object</a></p>