In my first try to create a videoPlayer I always get an exception trying to play a media which are on my local hard disk.

The problem

I was trying to execute this media :

var mediaURL : String = "file://C:/tchou.flv";

But it generates me logs like this one :

FX Media Object caught Exception com.sun.media.jmc.MediaUnavailableException: Media unavailable:

I search on the web and I notice that I was not alone facing this problem : look at this post.
But nobody seems to find the answer to this problem...

The solution

Actually I finally manage to get ride of this exception and it was quite simple : we should use '/' instead of '//' when using the "file" protocol. You just have to use the code below and it will work :

* Do not use this :
* var mediaURL : String = "file://C:/tchou.flv";
var mediaURL : String = "file:/C:/tchou.flv";

Quite easy in fact !