There is a great theme named Jetpack available for Silverlight applications which can be found on the Tim Heuer web site. I was wondering if it can be used in WPF applications and the answer is yes ! Here are the modifications I had to do to make all this work :


  • SelectionBackground replace by SelectionBrush (except for the DatePicker)
  • I removed the HyperlinkButton which does not exist in WPF
    DataGridFrozenGrid is not existing in WPF : I replaced it by a GRID
  • No navigation system : Frame style removed,
  • No page : replaced by HeaderedContentControl
  • DescriptionViewer : not available in WPF and removed,
  • TabNavigation replaced by : KeyboardNavigation.ControlTabNavigation
  • ValidationSummary does not exist in WPF : I removed it,
  • No Watermark in WPF: I removed it
  • ContentPresenter does not support direct content :  Ireplaced it by ContentControl,
  • AutoCompleteBox : not available in WPF and removed,
  • DataPager : not available in WPF and removed,
  • ChildWindow : not available in WPF and removed,
  • I removed the style targeting the textblock because it was imposing itself anywhere especially in the listboxitem leadind to wong behaviours,
  • I replace the differents name by their WPF PART_XXX counterparts
  • PasswordBox :  Ireplaced the ContentElement border by a ScrollViews named PART_ContentHost
  • I Replaced the animations key <DiscreteObjectKeyFrame KeyTime="0" Value=”Visible" /> by <DiscreteObjectKeyFrame KeyTime="0" Value="{x:Static Visibility.Visible}" />
  • Rewrite entirely the scrollbar style so it works nicely...
  • Rewrite entirely the Slider style so it works nicely...
  • Rewrite a fex the TabItem/Tab control style so it works nicely...





So far, here is a list of the translated control’s theming :

  • TextBox,
  • ListBox,
  • Combobox,
  • PasswordBox,
  • ProgressBar,
  • Button,
  • ToggleButton,
  • RadioButton
  • Checkbox,
  • Scrollbar,
  • ScrollViewer,
  • Slider,
  • TreeView,
  • TabControl,
  • Label


So far, here is a list of the NOT TESTED and may not working element

  • Datagrid,
  • DatePicker,
  • Grid Splitter,
  • Expander,
  • ContextMenu.



PS: the demo application is in the post attachment…


I am currently working on it to add more working them components.


Edit (16/10/2010, 01:28) : I added new controls themes(Scrollbar, ScrollViewer, Slider, TreeView, TabControl, Label) and a new demo applications.

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