Here is a little post to show you a little video presenting the project I have worked on during my 6 months of training. I am very proud of it :) :

The subject was to find the new way of representations and manipulations of OLAP Data without using a keyboard or a mouse.
This is done in 3D on the Microsoft Surface plateform.

The technologies involved are :

  1. Microsoft Surface for the NUI (Natural User Interface),
  2. (M)Ogre to create the 3D World,
  3. OLAP for the acquisition of datas.

Here are some links for those interested :

  1. What is OLAP ? (wikipedia)
  2. What are the NUI ? (wikipedia)
  3. What is Ogre the 3D engine ?
  4. What is Microsoft Surface ?
  5. What is the company in which I have done my training ?

People who worked on it :

  1. Development: Jonathan ANTOINE
  2. Supervision of the project : Elise DUPONT
  3. 3D Expert : Laurent TRUDU

Enjoy !

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