Yet another blog about WPF, Surface, SL, MVVM, NUI.... - Tag - certification In this blog we talk about WPF, Natural User Interface(NUI), Microsoft Surface, WIndows 7, Multitouch, Touchless, JavaFX, MVVM, patterns, tips, tricks .... and a lot of other things ! en Thu, 10 Jun 2021 22:58:33 +0200 Jonathan ANTOINE, All rights reserved Dotclear .NET Framework 4, Windows Applications Development urn:md5:bc17957967d761091687b9b9694b2180 Thu, 24 Jun 2010 16:35:00 +0200 Other things .NET4.0certificationWPF <p>I am now certified " .NET Framework 4, Windows Applications Development". I passed the certification during the beta process and the results are out. I can now use this nice logo anywhere ^^ :... <a href=""><em>Read</em> .NET Framework 4, Windows Applications Development</a></p>