Yet another blog about WPF, Surface, SL, MVVM, NUI.... - Tag - exception In this blog we talk about WPF, Natural User Interface(NUI), Microsoft Surface, WIndows 7, Multitouch, Touchless, JavaFX, MVVM, patterns, tips, tricks .... and a lot of other things ! en Thu, 10 Jun 2021 22:58:33 +0200 Jonathan ANTOINE, All rights reserved Dotclear UserControl/Control : how to get a reference to an element of the template urn:md5:31729ab6c8a50b35686f1411e6c53daa Tue, 14 Sep 2010 22:42:00 +0200 WPF ContentControlcontrolscustomDataTemplateexceptionhow tohow-toTemplateWindows Presentation FoundationWPFXAML <p>When you want to create your own custom control you have two choices : create an UserControl or inherit from one of the "Control's classes" (ContentControl, ItemsControls or Control itself). When doing so, you'll surely need to access to the visual parts of your template from the code to add to it a nice behavior. In this post, we'll discover how... <a href=""><em>Read</em> UserControl/Control : how to get a reference to an element of the template</a></p> How I resolve my "MediaUnavailableException"'s problem in JavaFX... urn:md5:7fbecf4794b9614dcdf1033349105555 Wed, 10 Dec 2008 19:23:00 +0100 JavaFX exceptionjavaJavaFXjmcmediaMediaUnavailableExceptionvideo <p>hey, In my first try to create a videoPlayer I always get an exception trying to play a media which are on my local hard disk. The problem I was trying to execute this media : var mediaURL : String = "file://C:/tchou.flv"; But it generates me logs like this one : FX Media Object caught Exception <a href=""><em>Read</em> How I resolve my &quot;MediaUnavailableException&quot;'s problem in JavaFX...</a></p>